Day 4 - The Meaning Behind My Tumblr Name

               Well, hello there, beautiful people! So far, I am LOVING this 30 Days of Blogging Challenge; it's been, uh, cha...

               Well, hello there, beautiful people! So far, I am LOVING this 30 Days of Blogging Challenge; it's been, uh, challenging. So let's begin!

What's the meaning behind your Tumblr name?

               So this may be a little anticlimactic, you guys, because unfortunately, I don't have one of those cool, unique Tumblr names. My Tumblr name is just my name, which I guess is kinda, sorta, maybe unique. I've had so many Tumblr names because I've had many different Tumblr pages and I named each of them something different. The reason why I've had so many Tumblr pages is because I didn't understand how Tumblr worked at first. It reminded me of MySpace, but it wasn't like the typical MySpace; it was like MySpace tripping on acid. It confused me, and so I would create a Tumblr account, try to learn how to use it, but then get frustrated, and then delete it. This happened about eight different times and every time I deleted an account, I'd feel as if I didn't need a Tumblr... but I did. All of my friends would spend countless hours on Tumblr laughing and showing me the funniest GIFs I'd ever seen, so finally, I created yet another Tumblr account and stuck with it.  Needless to say, I am now obsessed with Tumblr! Also, I realize that I've just been ranting about Tumblr and have yet to actually answer the question so...
               I just like my name and I wanted to make it easy for people who were following me on my other social media websites to find me on Tumblr. However, I do love people's random Tumblr names. I find them so intriguing and I will often check out someone's Tumblr page just because they have a cool name. I think a name tells you a lot about the person, sometimes. Unfortunately, my name isn't that awesome. But the thing I do love about my name is that it's mine and there aren't a lot of other people who have it. My Tumblr blog is an exact replication of my personality (like, seriously, pretty head-on) and being myself on my blog just seemed natural to me... I'm also horrible with coming up with cool names for stuff. That's why the name of this blog is just my name, but that's also because I wanted to share my life with you guys!

               Of course, all of this Tumblr talk is going to prompt me to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion, so if you're really random and kind of nerdy, you should follow me on Tumblr because you'll probably laugh a lot! Also, let me know your Tumblr names so we can be friends and I can stalk your pages (laughing, but quite serious). 

With love from your girl, 

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