My Morning & Nighttime Routines

               Well, hello there, beautiful people! Notice anything different about the blog? I may have made some subtle changes t...

               Well, hello there, beautiful people! Notice anything different about the blog? I may have made some subtle changes to the design of this website, and I like it so much more than my old one. I just felt like I wanted a change to my blog, so I spent the past couple of days putting in a little bit of work on the site. Hope you guys like it!
                I mentioned in last week's post that one of the most important ways that I stay organized throughout the semester is to have a morning and a nighttime routine. That way, I stay on top of things and I don't have to worry about not having enough time to get ready in the morning. This week, I thought that I'd elaborate on what my routines are, starting with what I do every night.

Remove Makeup
I'm usually wearing makeup for most of the day, so when I start my routine for the night, this is the first thing I do. 

Shower/Wash Face
Showering at night is kind of new to me, but I love it so much more than showering in the morning. Also, my roommate showers in the morning, so it's easier for me to shower at night, so that I'm not in her way. I also wash my face in the shower just to make sure that I get all of my makeup off my face. 

Nighttime Hair Routine
Normally, when I get out of the shower, I'll do what's known as a "twist out" on my hair. To do this, I part my hair into four main sections, and I'll take strands of hair from within each section, and twist them together. This way, when I wake up in the morning, all I have to do is undo the twists and my hair is curly for the day. In my opinion, this is one of the most efficient hairstyles for people with natural hair and it's the hairstyle that I have in my current photo in the sidebar. However, my hair is currently in a protective style known as "havana twists", so all I have to do is spray my hair with a moisturizer, seal it with coconut oil, and wrap my hair in a silk scarf for the night. 

I used to do this a lot when I was a kid because my mom made me and now that I'm an adult, I see why. It's so much easier to pick out your clothes at night instead of running late to school or to work because you can't find anything to wear. This is also a huge time saver if you plan on wearing something that needs to be ironed or steamed. 

Pack Backpack
Again, this is another way that I save tons of time in the morning. More often that not, if I'm rushing to get to class in the morning and I don't pack my backpack the night before, I'm going to forget something important. To relieve myself from this unnecessary stress, I make sure I have everything I need for class packed and ready to go the night before. 

Tea Time
This is probably my favorite part of my nighttime routine because it's so relaxing. I drink a cup of tea every single night and I also take this time to check my emails, read some blogs, and catch up on social media. 

Brush Teeth
I love going to bed with fresh breath (even though I somehow still wake up with gross morning breath). Also, because I'm currently wearing Invisalign braces, I take this time to clean my retainer trays. 

Stretch & Make Bed
As an acting major, most of my classes tend to be very physical, so I like to stretch in the morning to get ready for those classes. I like to make my bed as well so that after a long day of classes, I can come back to a clean room. 

Makeup, Hair & Outfit
I do all three of these things in that order (usually). My makeup usually takes the most amount of time to do every morning, so I do that first. And because I pick out my clothes the night before, it takes no time at all to get dressed. 

Because I still live on campus, I can't really cook my own breakfast like I want to, so I usually keep cereal, oatmeal, and fresh fruit in my dorm room so that I won't be hungry until lunch. 

I do the exact same things I do during Tea Time (checking emails, reading blogs, etc.), except in the mornings, I drink coffee. 

Brush Teeth
Gotta get rid of that coffee taste and that morning breath, right?

Double Check Backpack
Even though I pack my backpack the night before, I still make sure that I have all of my last minute items, like my keys and my cell phone. Once I'm sure that I have everything, I'm ready to go!

               I stick to these routines pretty religiously and I'm glad that I do, because not rushing to get to class in the morning is a great feeling. Comment down below and let me know what daily routines you guys have. 
               Also, I've got awesome news: the Facebook Page for this blog is finally up and ready to go, so go on over there and give it some love if you like what you see on this blog! 

With love from your girl, 

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