Book Review: Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(Ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown

               Hello there, beautiful people! Before I get into today's post, I'm pretty sure that I owe you guys an apo...

               Hello there, beautiful people! Before I get into today's post, I'm pretty sure that I owe you guys an apology for being completely MIA for a couple of weeks. I'm sorry loves! There has just been a lot going on within these past few weeks with school and midterms, and not to mention the fact that the Wi-Fi on my university's campus has been down for what seems like forever. But, I'm aware that it's been a while since I posted any content on the blog, so I'm back and ready to go!

               So what have I been up to? Glad you asked (even though you didn't, but it's cool). I've been going crazy over this book my friend referred me to. It's called Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(Ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown and it's amazing! I am absolutely obsessed with this book; it's like the Bible for everyone in their twenties. Call it luck, but this book came into my life at a time when I really needed it. For those of you who don't know, Kelly Williams Brown is a phenomenal author (and after reading her book, you'll see why) whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and many other places. She also has a blog, relating to content from her book.  
               I'm only twenty-one years old, so no, I don't know everything about being a grown-up. But the one thing that I do know about growing up is that it can be scary as hell! In this book, Kelly breaks down the process of growing up into incredibly insightful and relatable chapters and it's so refreshing. I also love how relevant this book is to my life right now. Seriously. A couple of friends and I have been looking into getting an apartment off campus next year and, of course, the second chapter of this book talks all about domesticity and how to find an apartment, how to clean and decorate your apartment, and tips on how to haul all of your stuff into your new place. That's only the second chapter! There's also tons of advice on networking to get jobs as well as advice on how to generally have a grown-up conversation without constantly putting your foot in your mouth. She also talks about how to budget and save money, what the hell taxes are, and how to deal with relationships between friends, significant others, and family members, among a ton of other things. 
                 Adulting is a perfect book for anyone who, like me, is in their early twenties and just really getting into adulthood and who may be dealing with many things mentioned in this book. One of the best things about this book, in my opinion, is how it's written. Kelly has a very witty and personable sense of humor that can be seen throughout the entire book, which makes it really freaking hard to put the book down. Then again, why would you want to? It's so damn good! 

               I highly recommend Adulting and I would love to thank my friend, Haley, for introducing me to this life-changing book. For more information on Kelly Williams Brown, check out her website here. Comment down below and let me know what books you guys have been reading or recommend reading! 

With love from your girl, 


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