What's In My Backpack? My Top College Backpack Essentials!

               Hello there, beautiful people! I cannot explain how excited I am to finally be writing my first post on this bl...

               Hello there, beautiful people! I cannot explain how excited I am to finally be writing my first post on this blog! As you've probably guessed from the title of this post, I'm going to be talking about college backpack essentials, which are crazy important in college! I don't know about you guys, but when I was in high school (which feels like forever ago), we weren't allowed to carry our backpacks to class. We had to haul our heavy textbooks up and down the stairs all day and it was horrible. When I got to college, I was so relieved to have the support of a backpack, but I wasn't really sure what all I needed to carry. I mean, I knew I needed my textbooks and school supplies, but on the first day of class, I remember freaking out because I felt like I was forgetting something in my dorm room (and I was). To make things a little easier for anyone out there who may be starting college or who tends to forget things on their way to class, I've compiled a list of all the essential items that I bring to class with me every day. 

A Backpack
This probably goes without saying, but probably the most essential item that you'll need for class is a backpack. This is the bag I'm currently using in school and it's awesome! When buying a backpack for college, it's good to look for a cute bag, as long as it is also a sturdy bag that isn't going to break on you. In my freshman year, the ENTIRE strap of my backpack just broke off during my first class and I had to walk around the rest of the day carrying my backpack on one shoulder... and it wasn't even the comfortable shoulder that I naturally carry my purses on. It's also important to make sure that your backpack has a lot of space in it. You may have a full day of classes where you'll have to carry all of your textbooks with you, so you want to make sure they all fit. 

A Planner 
My planner is my lifeline. Period. If I don't write it down, it won't get done. I have horrible memory, so I make sure to carry this bad boy with me every single day. I use this to write down my homework assignments, meetings I need to make, rehearsals I have to go to, and errands that I have to run. I used to use the University planners that they give out for free during orientation, but they were too small, so I decided to invest in my own planner this year (I bought this one from Wal-Mart for about $10). 

My "Blog" Book
This is the current notebook that I use to write down EVERYTHING that has to do with this blog. I started carrying it around with me because, on countless occasions, I'll come up with an idea for a blog and because I don't write it down, I'll forget it. I've learned to jot down every idea that I have, and to make that easier, I use what I call my "Blog Book". 

My Tablet & Keyboard Case
I used to carry my laptop with me to class, but I got tired of my back hurting due to the weight of it. My laptop is an HP Pavillion G6, which gets the job done, but that thing gets heavy after a while. Instead, I bring my tablet with me (it's from this company called Dragon Touch; it's just your basic Android tablet-nothing fancy). It's lightweight, it does everything I need it to do on a day-to-day basis, and my back has no complaints!

Stationary Supplies
You never want to be that college student. You know the one, the one who is always asking for something to write with and never has anything prepared for class, like, ever. Honestly, I don't see these types of students as often in college as I did in high school, but they still exist! My backpack came with a little pencil bag, so I keep all of my pens, pencils, and hi-liters in there, along with my USB flash drive. In another pocket in my backpack, I also keep my stapler and my calculator. And then of course, I always carry my earbuds (which are normally with my cell phone, but I was using it to take these pictures, so...). 

My On-The-Go Makeup
This is it. I used to carry a ton of makeup with me to class when I really didn't need to. I've finally figured out that these are the bare essentials that I need: 
- An EOS lip balm
- An ELF Kabuki Brush
- Lipstick by Maybelline 
- An ELF eyeliner pen
- Mascara by Maybelline
- Powder by Black Radiance
- A small bottle of lotion
- A tampon
- A small makeup bag to put all of that in 
I do have to say that I'm quite proud of myself for this one, guys. 

A Bottle of Water
Walking around a big campus all day can be pretty tiring and it's important to stay hydrated. I always carry a bottle of water with me and fill it up throughout the day. I live in the Midwest, so the weather is always up and down and unless it's winter, you never know if the heat is going to wear you out or not. Just stay safe. Drink water. 

My Keys
And finally, I carry my keys with me at all times. This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm literally so screwed without them (and I mean for real screwed because I can't get into my dorm room without my ID Card). Even if you forget your phone or a book that you need for class, this is the one essential that you do not want to be without. 

               So I think that just about sums up everything that I think is essential to have in a college backpack. Hopefully, this post was helpful to someone out there. Please feel free to comment down below with any questions, concerns, etc. Thank you so much for reading!

With love from your girl, 

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