Celebrating Your Accomplishments... ALL of Them

               So I had a completely different topic picked out for today, but I decided that this was something more important that I...

               So I had a completely different topic picked out for today, but I decided that this was something more important that I really wanted to put out there. A few days ago, I was on Tumblr (of course) as I always am and I came across this post:

               This post really resonated with me and I really took it to heart and I think a lot of us need to as well. This is such a strong message this is so relevant to my life. Too often, we don't celebrate the things that we've accomplished. I've realized that, for me at least, I don't really celebrate my accomplishments because of my constant need to compare myself to everyone else around me. But the problem with that is that when you compare yourself to others, you'll never feel satisfied with everything you've already done because you start to feel that you can always be doing better. At least, that's how I feel. Don't get me wrong; I do believe that I can always do better and improve myself, but constantly feeling like I'm never doing enough makes it really hard for me to be proud of myself. 
               I think it stems from a young age as well. Growing up, I never considered myself to be a smart student; I thought of myself as average. I wasn't good at math or science or any of the "important subjects". I loved writing and the arts and those subjects weren't seen as important to other people. So the fact that I performed well in those subjects didn't really seem to mean anything. That attitude that I was never good enough in school definitely stayed with me up until about a year ago and that made it really hard for me to be proud of any work that I had done. I held myself to these crazy high standards and when I couldn't live up to those standards, I'd feel so helpless and defeated. I realize now how detrimental that is to a person's well-being. 
               I thought I was supposed to graduate high school at the top of my class and then get into an Ivy League university. I thought I was supposed to excel in my major and not waste time switching majors. I thought that I was supposed to have my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health all figured out by the time I graduated, which was supposed to be in four years or less. And when I graduated, I was supposed to graduate with honors and having completed multiple internships by that time as well. Now don't get me wrong. If those are your goals, keep striving for them! And if those are all things that you've done, then congratulations and I wish I would have been friends with you in high school because I really could have used that drive and motivation. But the reality is, none of those things happened for me. Maybe if I'd had the mindset that I have now, they would have happened, but there's no point in dwelling on those things anymore. 
               I graduated from high school with a pretty average GPA. I was probably in the top 30% of my class and I was definitely not a straight-A student. The university that I'm attending now was definitely not my first choice of schools to attend, but I liked it just enough to attend it (There was also no way in hell that I was getting into any Ivy League schools with my ACT score). I switched majors about 4 times and I wasn't accepted into my university as an honors student. Though I'm not performing poorly in my major, it is much harder than I intended it to be and I'm not necessarily excelling in my major at the moment either. I still struggle with my mental, spiritual, and emotional health and I'm just now at the point where I'm starting to finally give a damn about my physical health. I've yet to have any internships and by the time I graduate with my Bachelor's degree, I would have been in school (at this same university) for six (yes, 6) years. Also, I just now (as in last week) got my first real job... and I'm 21 years old with no previous work experience. I'm not trying to ramble on about all the things that I haven't done in life, but I am trying to be upfront and honest about how my life has gone so far. The truth is, I didn't really live up to any of my previous expectations. And that's okay. 
               At least I graduated high school with a decent GPA. I'm not at an Ivy League school, but I love my university and my major, despite the fact that switching majors is going to push my graduation back a couple of years (thank God for grants and scholarships!). And despite the fact that it took me forever to find a job, at least I have one. 
               I used to hate the fact that I didn't think I had accomplished anything, but that Tumblr post was right: "Accomplishments don't have an expiration date". No matter how old you may have been when you accomplished something, you still did it! And if you haven't accomplished what you wanted to yet, keep working towards it; you'll get there. Be proud of every single day that you're getting closer and closer to reaching your goals. Every day has the possibility to be a stepping stone and a small victory. 
               I really hope that this post helped someone who may have felt like me at some point in their life. I'd also like to put out there that if you are doubting your self-worth or your accomplishments (or lack thereof) or if you feel like no one's rooting for you, just know that I am! I think it's so important to celebrate the things that you have accomplished instead of dwelling on the things that you've yet to do in your life. Life's much too short for that. Be sure to leave all questions/comments.concerns in the Comments section below or feel free to hit me up in any of my social media links in the sidebar; I'd love to hear from you guys!

With love from your girl, 

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