Day 26 - Warm & Fuzzy Feelings

               I love those "warm & fuzzy" feelings you get when you're around the people you care about. I live fo...

               I love those "warm & fuzzy" feelings you get when you're around the people you care about. I live for those moments and here are some things that make me feel that way:

  • Genuine Smiles & Conversation - I love when people ask me how my day is going and they actually want to know the answer. More importantly, I love when I'm around people who I feel comfortable enough with to give an honest answer to. 
  • Hugs & Kisses - I know it's kind of mushy and a little cliche, but who doesn't love hugs and kisses? Actually, I used to hate being touched by people, but things have changed. I have a friend who is a very physical person and I think she rubbed off on me  because now I love giving and receiving hugs. Sometimes, when life is getting you down, all you need is a gentle and comforting embrace from someone who cares about you and can tell you that everything is going to be okay. 
  • Hand-Written Notes - I never get tired of them. My friend (the really physical one that I mentioned a minute ago) wrote me a page-long note for Valentine's Day last year. It was typed instead of hand-written, but it was still touching and brought me to tears. Sometimes, it's weird seeing yourself from a friend's point of view; it makes you feel special. I remember being in 8th grade and I was in a community theatre production of Grease. The entire cast wrote these cute little hand-written notes to each other to let everyone know how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to the show. I still have every single one of those notes. 

               What about you guys? What makes you feel warm & fuzzy? Let me know in the comments below!

With love from your girl, 

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